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Canadian Premium Rate Telephone Numbers

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Canada is the second largest Country in world and is also one of the wealthiest - As such Canada has a very high per-capita income. As a bi-lingual nation, English and French are both recognised as the official languages for Canada.

Similar to the UK premium rate industry, Canada has a very healthy premium rate industry and with tariffs ranging from $0.00 CAD per minute (freephone) to a $49.99 CAD drop charge call there are countless ways in which you can include a Canadian number into your business plan.

Canada Premium Rate Services Available

IVR Functionality Freephone Gambling Services Adult Services Psychic Services Max Call length Setup Time
YES YES NO YES YES $50 (CAD) 20 days

Canadian Premium Rate Number Tariffs

The tariffs available is always changing - There are a variety of tariffs available on Canadian premium rate numbers, including charging per call and per minute numbers. Please contact the team for the latest tariffs and rebates

Per call tariffs are available up to a maximum of $49.99, please ask for details.

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