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Competition Phone Lines

We've all seen or heard of phone-in competitions and it is widely recognised by the public that entering a competition by making a short premium rate phone call is a great opportunity to win a prize with minimal effort on their behalf.
From a business point of view a competition phone service in is a great way to increase your revenues, shift old stock, promote new product lines or to generally create user interaction with you target audience.

An example of a traditional competition phone service is where the customer is asked to phone in and answer a simple question, such as:

What is the capital of England, is it:

  • Manchester
  • London
  • Birmingham

After answering the questions the caller leaves their contact details and we can pick a winner at random and send you their contact details. These sorts of competition services are simple but have proved their worth over time.

There are many other types of competition services, such as:

  • Spot the Ball
  • Complete the missing word
  • Name the celebrity voice
  • And many other services, the potential is endless

Bespoke Competition Services

We can also look at bespoke IVR setups in which our systems will liaise with your server to verify whether an answer is right or wrong. An example of how this could be used is a 'crack the code' competition, whereby the caller enters in a 4 digit code via their keypad and the IVR system liaises with your server to verify whether they have entered the correct number.

SMS Competitions

We also provide the facility for customers to enter by simply sending a text message from their mobile phone, using our Premium Rate SMS services.

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