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Irish Premium Rate Telephone Numbers

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ComReg (Commission for Communications Regulation) is the regulator for Irish premium rate numbers, responsible for allocating numbers to networks under the Irish Telephone Numbering Plan, as well as regulating the premium rate industry in Ireland (republic of Ireland).

Premium rate numbers in Northern Ireland fall under the remit of OFCOM and PhonepayPlus, who cover England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland (i.e. the UK). OFCOM is responsible for the allocation of number ranges to networks, and PhonepayPlus is responsible for the regulation of the premium rate market. For more information on premium rate numbers within Northern Ireland please view our information on UK premium rate numbers.

Previously RegTel was the regulator for all premium rate numbers for the Republic of Ireland, but as of the 12 July 2010 ComReg became responsible for the regulations of Irish premium rate services.

It is strongly recommended that any promotion of Irish premium rate numbers be displayed alongside the UK premium rate services equivalent, and vice-versa with the promotion of UK premium rate numbers promoted alongside Irish premium rate numbers due to many publications being jointly accessible within the UK and RoI (Republic of Ireland).

Setting up Irish Premium Rate Numbers

ComReg has moved to elicensing for registering Irish premium rate numbers. The process of registering a premium rate service in Ireland is simple, and Digital Select can register the numbers on your behalf.

Irish Premium Rate Services Available

Irish Premium Rate Numbers typically operate on a 15xx range. The Irish National Rate number range is 0818. Tariffs vary from €0.15 to €3.00, with per minute ranges available as well as per call (drop charge) ranges available.

IVR Functionality Freephone Gambling Services Adult Services Psychic Services Max Call Cost Setup Time
YES YES NO By Credit Card Verification YES €3.00 5 days

Irish Premium Rate Number Tariffs

The tariffs available is always changing - There are a variety of tariffs available on Irish premium rate numbers, including charging per call and per minute numbers. Please contact the team for the latest tariffs and rebates

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