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UK Premium Rate Numbers

Premium rate 09 numbers are an excellent revenue stream for businesses of all sizes, allowing you to generate revenue for each minute a caller is connected to your premium rate service. Tariffs on UK premium rate numbers range from £0.01 per minute - £3.60 per minute and can be billed either on a Per Minute or Per Call (Drop Charge) basis with revenue generated on the premium rate services being paid to yourself accordingly.

What does a Premium Rate Number look like?

Premium rate numbers can be accessed from a landline or a mobile phone, with the number starting 09, 087, 084 or 118. Note numbers starting with 0800 or 0808 are freephone numbers with no charge to the caller. More information on UK freephone numbers can be found here. Premium rate numbers can also operate in the form of text messages, with the services operating on 5 digit shortcodes. More information on premium SMS can be found here here

UK Premium Rate Services

Premium rate telephone numbers can be used for a whole host of services, here are some of our most popular UK premium rate services and products (click each for more information):

As you can read from our section on Bespoke Services we can accommodate almost any business need and will be happy to build a custom IVR Interactive Voice Response system which integrates with a premium rate service and is tailored to your specific needs.

Service Charge and Access Charges

There have been several changes to the telecoms industry to increase consumer confidence and address pricing transparency. The introduction of Service Charge and Access Charge tackles the pricing clarity, making it clearer to the consumer how much the call to a premium rate number will cost. The Service Charge is the amount the caller will be charged for using the premium rate service. This amount varies from 1p per minute to £3.60 per minute. The Access Charge is the amount the consumer’s phone provider will charge to access the service. This amount varies depending on the consumer’s phone provider but is usually around 25p to 45p per minute.

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