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PSMS Competitions

Premium rate SMS is an excellent method of competition entry for both the entrant and the promoter as it allows people to enter competitions quickly and easily whilst returning a good rate of revenue.

With mobile phone penetration rates so high in the UK, premium rate SMS (PSMS) competition entry appeals to a wide audience and allows you to capture entrants from a market that would not necessarily enter via traditional premium rate phone-in methods. Here is a typical question and example of how PSMS competitions work:

In what year did England last win the World Cup?

  • 1966
  • 1970
  • 1974

The answer is of course 'A - 1966'. Entrants text in their answer prefixed by your keyword (e.g. FOOTBALL) to a five digit shortcode. A correct answer would look like this - "FOOTBALL A" and be text to a five digit shortcode such as 12345.

SMS Services

There are many other potential uses for PSMS competition text services, the list is endless and we can accommodate almost all bespoke systems upon request. PSMS set-ups work particularly well alongside our Premium Rate Competition Phone lines and can be setup on both shared short codes and dedicated SMS short codes.

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