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Tipster Phone lines

Digital Select can provide you with the facility to share your knowledge of sports such as horse-racing with the general public and earn a revenue at the same time.

Tipster lines often prove very profitable for our clients and if your tips are good you can expect a lot of repeat business. They are also simple to use from a customers point of view as they simply phone the given premium rate telephone number and listen to the tips for that day/week. If you run a monthly subscription service (for example charged via credit card), potential customers respond well to the fact that they can 'try before they buy' with this pay as you go method.

Once your premium rate telephone number is set up you will be provided with your own non-premium rate telephone number to call when you wish to update the message that your callers will hear. Recording your tips is as simple as leaving a message on an answerphone.

Custom built phone services

Digital Select can also provide custom IVR solutions should you require a specific model, such as operating a non premium rate telephone number with a PIN entry system, allowing only paying users to access the service. The PIN's can be verified via API during the call.

Premium SMS tips

These services work very well when combined with a premium rate SMS (text message) package - please visit our Premium Rate SMS page for more information on the services we provide.

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