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Voting Phone Lines

In recent years reality TV shows have made a regular occurrence of supporting your favourite (or least favourite) contestant (i.e. singer/dancer/skater etc) with either a simple phone vote or SMS text vote. It's a quick and easy way for companies to run a poll, providing immediate responses for minimal outlay.

There are many different ways to run a voting service, here are some examples of standard set-ups;

Premium Rate Phone Voting using multiple Numbers

This is the simplest solution and is very practical for various scenarios. An example of how this could be used is for a TV show where the public are asked to vote for contestant 1, 2 or 3, each contestant would be assigned a separate phone number - 1 or 2 digits different from the last. When the customer calls in they are immediately charged the advertised rate (e.g. £1.50) and their call is registered, when the voting closes it is a simple case of seeing which line received the most calls.

Premium Rate Phone Voting with IVR System

If you only want to advertise one phone number this is the service for you. Using the above scenario as an example callers would all phone the same number regardless of who they wish to vote for and our custom built IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system will ask them to key in the number of the contestant they wish to vote for and record the votes accordingly.

SMS Phone Voting

With almost everybody owning a mobile phone these days this is an excellent service for both the person registering the vote and yourself as the promoter. Digital Select can provide a Premium Rate SMS platform which will allow your customers to vote quickly and easily by sending a text message to a 5 digit shortcode, such as sending YES or NO to 12345 (or contestants names).

Online Platforms

Both the SMS voting and Premium Rate Number Voting Services come with a online platform allowing you to quickly and easily manage the voting campaign and vote results

Bespoke Premium Rate Services

Should you require a service specifically tailored to your needs such as premium rate numbers with website integration or API and more, please let us know as our technical team have many years of experience in the premium rate telephone industry and will almost certainly be able to help.

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