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Australian Premium Rate Telephone Numbers

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Australia is the largest borderless country in the world and in November 2011 the United Nation's Human Development Report showed Australia to have the second highest standard of living in the world, only narrowlingly losing out to Norway . This report measured a range of indicies that are often used to indicate the general well-being of a country's inhabitants (such as health, wealth, education, life expectancy etc) and therefore makes the Australian Premium Rate sector a very exciting prospect.

As you would expect from such an affluent country we can offer a wide variety of tariffs using Australian premium rate numbers with both pay per call and pay per minute options as shown below.

Australian Premium Rate Services Available

The regulator for Australian premium rate numbers (TISCC) allows many similar services to the regulator of UK premium rate numbers (PhonepayPlus) such as competition services, premium rate psychic services, gambling services and more. However, the rules differ for adult premium rate services - please consult our team if you wish to offer this type of service on a premium rate number in Australia.

IVR Functionality Freephone Gambling Services Adult Services Psychic Services Max Call Cost Setup Time
YES YES YES Please Call YES $38.50 (AUD) 15 days

Australian Premium Rate Number Tariffs

The tariffs available is always changing - There are a variety of tariffs available on Australian premium rate numbers, including charging per call and per minute numbers. Please contact the team for the latest tariffs and rebates

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